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At CADit Solutions, we have a wide range of skills developed over many years, in a mix of small and large business with a diverse background of markets and draughting packages. This is well complemented by a strong knowledge base and significant experience with customisation of CAD systems, creating custom CAD applications and on-the-job training of staff.



Our SOFTWARE skills include:


Revit – 3D modelling and draughting/BIM integration/Training


AutoCAD – 3D modelling/2D draughting/Systems customisation/Training


Navisworks – 3D Coordination/Change management/Clash analysis




Our DRAUGHTING skills include:


Draughting planning, preparation, standards development and implementation


Draughting delivery to the highest standards


Draughting checking and verification


Detailed coordination with third party consultants and contractors


BIM planning, implementation and maintenance


Creation and management of content libraries


Document management and archiving




Our people skills include:


New staff on-boarding, training and mentoring


Communication skills training


Change management skills training


BIM implementation training and mentoring




Our SYSTEMS and STANDARDS skills include:


Planning, development, implementation and maintenance of draughting standards - project- or office-wide


BIM planning, documentation and maintenance


AutoCAD interface customisation and creation of custom AutoCAD applications


Interface with document management systems such as Aconex