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Our Managing Director, Garrath Davis, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in specialist engineering services, temporary works documentation as well as industrial, commercial, clinical and civil structures. During his career as a draughter he has specialised primarily in structural design and documentation, as well as dabbling in architectural, civil, water and electrical draughting.


Early in his career he developed a focus on delivering to the highest quality, and doing so in the most efficient manner possible. This led him to develop skills in customisation of AutoCAD systems, and development of specialised AutoCAD applications and custom content libraries.


Garrath is an excellent communicator and has presented seminars on effective communication. He has been commended multiple times by colleagues, third party consultants and contractors for his ability to clearly communicate design issues and potential solutions –using written, verbal or visual media.


He is extremely innovative and is able to understand complex problems and in many cases identify automated solutions both in the design and documentation spaces. His skills in AutoCAD customisation have allowed him to help drive ‘efficiency and consistency in delivery’ - a mantra which has been a focus of his days as an AutoCAD systems manager. He is currently developing a similar skillset in customisation and automation for Revit, including interacting with the Revit API as well as Dynamo scripting.


He has been a lead draughter and CAD systems manager for several companies during a career spanning three decades, and has a passion for efficient and consistent delivery. He also finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and experience in the people skills and CAD systems/standards spaces.